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Safe Haven Homes


Fritz Paul Vater


// NO pandemics (like Covid-19) / No swarms of locusts, mosquitos or poisonous creatures / NO earthquakes or volcanic eruptions / NO floods or tsunamis / NO landslides or avalanches / No hurricanes, cyclones, typhoons, blizzards or tornados / NO wildfires, bush fires or forest fires / No extreme temperatures / No droughts / No risk of nuclear disasters - power plants - atomic bombs  / No political pressure / No social unrest / No unfavourable borders //

// In addition a favourable climate all year round / Clear and fresh air in abundance / Clear and fresh water everyday / Safe electric energy supplies throughout the year / A democratic and just political and legal system / A peaceful place for young and old, and for people from all over the world  / A safe and well connected international airport / A favourable local infrastructure / A location within the European Union / A place that will issue you a "Golden Visa" so that you can stay there forever and travel freely into 25 more European countries //

If these listings are OK - or exciting - for you, there are good reasons to establish your second home on Portuguese Madeira Island in the Atlantic Ocean's subtropical zone !!!

You should contact me to receive more information!

本網站適合所有想獲得第二國籍的香港公民。- 金龍。

Fritz Paul Vater


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